Reflexive Action / Category Five is an Engine House Multibook published by Engine House Books.

This book is available online as a softcover only from Lulu.

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The story -- Reflexive Action

Five years ago, an assassin killed a wealthy American businessman. Now, the dead man's brother has finally tracked down his brother's killer and is ready to seek his revenge.

The assassin, retired and living in southern England, has almost forgotten his prior life -- until his wife his killed and young daughter seriously wounded by a bomb blast at London's Gatwick airport.

Determined to find and annihilate the terrorists who have destroyed his life, the assassin slowly comes to realize that it was no accident that his family was caught in the blast. He peels his way through layers of deception until he finds the man responsible for setting the bomb: an assassin as capable as he.

Two assassins set to kill each other by a resourceful businessman bent on revenge for his brother's death provides a plot designed to keep the pages turning until the very end.

The story -- Category Five

The world's first thinking machine has been created -- not by a university or a research organization, but by a brilliant iconoclast working on a British Caribbean island and funded by a shadowy Japanese group descended from the ancient samurai class.

A secret group inside the American government co-opts a young NSA signals intelligence agent to work with one of its own agents in order to obtain the machine from the Japanese.

But they aren't the only ones interested in stealing the thinking machine: a terrorist cell from Karranh mounts an attack against the Caribbean island, just as it becomes clear to the Americans that the leader of their own group is a traitor in league with their opponents.

The power of the machine becomes evident when it is instructed to perform a terrorist act. Then it becomes a race to see if the Americans can seize control of the machine and move it to safety before missiles destroy the location where it is being held.

A Sample

You may like to read a sample in PDF format.

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