The Writings of Penny Smith Logan is a serious novel for adults. It is published by Engine House Books with the ISBN 978-1-936211-00-5.

The Writings of Penny Smith Logan is available as a softcover only, and you should be able to order it from your favorite bricks-and-mortar book shop or online from:

Barnes and Noble

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The recommended retail price is $27.95.

The Writings of Penny Smith Logan is also available in an Economy Edition, priced $12.95, and in an International Economy Edition, priced $12.99.

An electronic versions of The Writings of Penny Smith Logan is available from:

Amazon (for the Kindle)

The recommended price of the electronic version is $3.75.

The story

Penny Smith Logan was born in South Dakota but raised in Yorkshire, England, after her parents emigrated.

The novel takes the form of extracts from Penny's journal. We are privy to her hopes, thoughts, fears and doubts as she tries to come to terms with the events of her life.

The novel principally takes place in five locations:

Ponselby, Yorkshire, where she was raised;
Oxford, England, where she attended college, studying English Literature;
Santa Monica, California, where she lived with her physicist husband;
Boulder, Colorado, where she struggles with illness;
and Friggens, South Dakota, her birthplace, to which she returns after her husband betrays her.


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