Shadow is the second of the books in the Three Lands series. The current version is the second edition, published by Engine House Books with the ISBN 978-0-578-00775-5.

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The recommended retail price is $18.95.

Shadow is also available in an Economy Edition, priced $8.75.

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The recommended price of the electronic version is $3.50.

The story

In this second book about the land of Palindor, Malthazzar's devious general, Shadow, pits Michael against his mother, the High Queen Catherine, as Reglandor invades the Third Land.

Each believing that the other is evil, Catherine and Michael are led toward their inevitable confrontation, while behind the scenes Malthazzar gloats as his revenge against Catherine unfolds.

Many of the characters from the first book return. Some, like Drefynt and the dablik, help Catherine's cause; others, like the Dark Knights, frustrate it. We meet new heroes, such as the valiant elves Anderskerrin and Hervân, and the amiable Treadlong, as well as new enemies such as General Shadow. And of course the seer Iadron and the healer Harsforn return, bickering as always.

The First Part of the Book

You may like to read the first part of Shadow in PDF format.