The Boy With Green Hair (first edition) is published by Engine House Books. Its ISBN is 978-0-6151-9495-0.

The Boy With Green Hair is available as a softcover only, and you should be able to order it from your favorite bricks-and-mortar book shop or online from:

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The recommended retail price is $7.95.

The story

There's a new boy at Tall Tree Elementary School. His name is Hubert, and there's something very odd indeed about him: his hair is green!

Some of the kids make fun of him, and no one wants to be his friend because of his hair.

After Hubert runs home in tears, Sarah learns the unhappy reason why Hubert and his father have come to live in town.

Then it's up to Sarah and her big sister Michelle to try to think of something that will help Hubert to understand that he really does have friends at Tall Tree Elementary.

The First Chapter

You may like to read the first chapter of The Boy With Green Hair in PDF format.