All or Nothing is published by Engine House Books with the ISBN 978-1-936211-01-2.

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The recommended retail price is $17.95.

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The story

In Pinetree, a small ski town located high in the Colorado Rockies, Matthew Chambers begins a day just like any other.

A lawyer, he works way through the day's usual collection of appointments, breaks for lunch at the local Rotary club, and then closes his one-man practice early in order to have dinner with Pinetree's mayor and his wife. It is the last meal of his life.

Arriving safely at home, he suffers a hypoglycemic attack. And before the diabetic lawyer can find the roll of candies that he always keeps at hand, he laspes into a coma from which he never recovers.

His only living relatives are a pair of estranged cousins: the brother a software millionaire living in England, and his sister a detective living in Australia and recovering from a disastrous relationship that, after many years, has finally fallen apart.

The brother and sister both come to Colorado and discover that there are questions about Chambers' death, which may not have been the accident it appeared.

All or Nothing is as much about relationships as the underlying mystery of the lawyer's death. The relationship between brother and sister who have not spoken for nearly two decades. The relationship between the maverick female Australian detective and the play-it-by-the-book detective assigned to the case by the Pinetree police department. The relationship between the dead Matthew Chambers and the brilliant judge who is addicted to gambling. The relationship between the doctor and the man who had successfully defended his wife's killer.

Part cozy mystery, part romance, All or Nothing is designed to keep the reader guessing until the very end.


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