Timeshift is published by Engine House Books with the ISBN 978-1-936211-03-6.

Timeshift is available as a softcover only, and you should be able to order it from your favorite bricks-and-mortar book shop or online from:

Barnes and Noble

For prices from multiple online stores, you can search at Bookfinder4u.

The recommended retail price is $22.50.

Electronic versions of Timeshift are available from many online stores, including:

Amazon (for the Kindle)
Apple (for Apple hardware)
Barnes and Noble (for the Nook)
Smashwords (many different electronic formats)

The recommended price of all electronic versions is $3.75.

The story

Four hundred years in the future, two superpowers have carved up the galaxy and share an uneasy truce.

But the Union launches a clandestine mission to kill the Empire's leader, setting in motion a train of events that leads to a revelation that will forever change the balance of power. In response, the Empire unleashes the ultimate weapon, propelling a Union spy into a timestream populated by only one other person: a young physicist from a backward planet he calls Earth, who is desperate to find a way to return to normal time.


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