The Second Book is published by Engine House Books with the ISBN 978-1-936211-04-3.

The Second Book is available as a softcover only, and you should be able to order it from your favorite bricks-and-mortar book shop or online from:


For prices from multiple online stores, you can search at Bookfinder4u.

The recommended retail price is $15.95.

An electronic version of The Second Book is available for $3.50 from:

Amazon (for the Kindle)
Apple (for Apple hardware) (for some reason, Apple charges $3.99)
Barnes and Noble (for the Nook)
Smashwords (many different electronic formats)

as well as other online e-book stores.

The story

A quarter of a century ago, Andrew Barclay wrote a best-selling novel. He has never produced another book. Now a young PhD student from Los Angeles has tracked down the recluse to a backward town in a third-world Central American country.

Looking for material for her thesis, she visits the writer; but instead of the brilliant author of memorable prose she finds an aging alcoholic whose twenty-five-year effort to produce another novel has generated nothing he deems worthy of publication. But Barclay is oddly certain that despite all his failures one day he will produce his second book.


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