Palindor is the first of the books in the Chronicles of the Three Lands. Originally published in 1993 by Chariot Family Publishing, its ISBN was 0-7814-0117-8. The second edition was published by the Print-On-Demand publisher Xlibris, with the ISBN 0-7388-2165-9. The current edition of Palindor is the third edition, published by Engine House Books with the ISBN 978-0-6152-0663-9.

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The recommended retail price is $18.95.

Palindor is also available in an Economy Edition, priced $8.75, and in an International Economy Edition, priced $11.50.

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The story

Many years ago in the land of Palindor, a fire swept through the Holy Barrows of Perendeth, destroying all the books of knowledge and taking the lives of all the Holy Gnomes who lived and studied there. At least, that is what the citizens of Palindor believe. But two young gnomes, the brothers Trondwyth and Drefynt, escaped the fire that fateful night.

Now an ancient evil threatens Palindor. The once good Queen Cerebeth has ruled for many years, but remains mysteriously young... and her growing power leads her on a campaign of terror. Trondwyth and Drefynt fear for their lives should the queen learn that they escaped the fire.

The High Lord Olvensar, who has not been seen in Palindor for many years, visits the two gnomes and sends them on a quest to prepare for the coming of Catherine, the prophesied First High Monarch of Palindor.

When Catherine, a young woman from the world of humans, arrives in Palindor she is by degrees confused, then amused, and finally, as the enormity of the task before becomes clear, terrified. Working together, and with the encouragement of Olvensar himself, Catherine and her friends encourage others to stand up against the evil of Queen Cerebeth... until there comes a final confontation, in the shadow of the Holy Quoit on Machrenmoor, between Catherine and the might of Malthazzar, the Prince of Evil.

The First Chapter

You may like to read the first chapter of Palindor in PDF format.