Phendric Cover

Phendric is the third of the books in the Three Lands series. The current version is the second edition, published by Engine House Books with the ISBN 978-0-578-01960-4.

Phendric is available as a softcover only, and you should be able to order it from your favorite bricks-and-mortar book shop or online from:

Barnes and Noble

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The recommended retail price is $19.95.

Phendric is also available in an Economy Edition, priced $8.99.

An electronic version of Phendric is available from:

Amazon (for the Kindle)
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Barnes and Noble (for the Nook)
Smashwords (many different electronic formats)

as well as other online stores.

The recommended price of the electronic version is $3.50. Apple, though, has priced it at $3.99.

The story

Diana, daughter of Michael and granddaughter of Catherine, thinks that her gandmother's tales of a strange land are simply the fantasies of an old woman, but she is forced to change her opinion when the three of them are transported to a place which her grandmother recognizes as one of the Sunset Islands, off the coast of Palindor.

Angry at being proved wrong, and at the deference shown her father and grandmother --- who are treated as monarchs while she is mistaken for a mere serving girl --- Diana hitches a ride away from the island on a mysterious black ship.

Michael sees her leaving and tries to catch up with her, but he is too late to stop his daughter and, before he can return to the island, his boat is swept away by the storm.

Separated from the others, Diana is at the mercy of Malthazzar, the Prince of Evil. Meanwhile, Michael has to battle the storm and Catherine has to find her way to the mainland.

After many adventures the three are reunited in the dungeons of the castle at Carn Toldwyn, where they are all prisoners of Malthazzar.

The climax of the trilogy comes with the return of Toldwyn, the founder of Palindor, and a battle to death and beyond that takes everyone into the depths of the Pit itself.

The First Part of the Book

You may like to read the first part of Phendric in PDF format.