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The Writings of Penny Smith Logan

The Writings of Penny Smith Logan


D. R. Evans

ISBN: 978-1-936211-00-5

Category: Fiction, Literature

Softcover, 520 pages, 6" x 9"; first edition

Recommended retail price: $27.95

In this remarkable book, the author powerfully demonstrates that he is a master of the serious literary novel as well as genre fiction.

Couched in the form of extracts from the diary of a young female poet, D. R. Evans carries us intimately from her earliest memories through her college career as a scholarship winner at an elite Oxford college, engagement and marriage, emigration to America, and her eventual death of cancer in South Dakota.

The pages are filled with Penny's doubts (many) and certainties (few), her early successes and mounting failures and frustrations, and her search for meaning in a world in which little makes sense.

This is a remarkable literary achievement.

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