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We are a small independent publisher, currently working on a project to publish and re-publish most of the works of D. R. Evans as well a number of under-appreciated classics in high-quality paperback editions.

Our Name

An engine house was a building that housed the beam engine for the man engine that allowed 19th century Cornish tin miners to descend to, and ascend from, the workings that were often deep underground. Engine houses thus became associated with the motive power used to run the mine.

As the Cornish tin mining industry declined, more and more (and eventually all) the tin mines dotted throughout the county fell into disuse. The buildings fell into ruin, and the modern Cornish landscape is littered with the old engine houses, often standing in what are now lonely fields. This landscape has been, since 2006, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The picture at the top left of this page (which also appears on the back cover of our books) is of the Greenburrow Shaft engine house, which was in the western part of the extensive Ding Dong mine. This engine house is located at Bosiliack, between Madron and Morvah (at 50° 09' 14.90"N, 5° 35' 34.69"W). It is visible for miles across the Cornish moorland.


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