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About Engine House E-books

What Are E-books?

Engine House E-books are electronic versions of books that have been formatted for viewing on electronic book readers.

What format are the files?

The files we create for electronic sale are in various standard formats; we supply these files either directly or through third parties to several online e-book retailers. These retailers may convert our files to other formats so as to support as many readers as possible.

Do the files implement any Digital Restrictions Management?

No. Our e-books are copyrighted, but we impose no digitally-managed restrictions. We do expect purchasers to abide by applicable laws.

So what is the quality like?

The technology of e-books is not yet mature; however, we do the best possible job given the limitations imposed by current hardware and software. We re-set the books especially for use with e-book viewers in order to optimize the look of pages on their relatively small screens. However, the implementation of the EPUB and other standards varies widely from one e-book reader to the next, so you may find the occasional glitch in the rendering on any particular reader. We do our best to avoid such problems, but it is not possible to test every version of the firmware for every reader on the market.

What E-books are available?

The current selection is available from the E-books drop-down menu at the top of this page.

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