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About Engine House Economy Editions

What Are Economy Editions?

As the name suggests, they are editions of our books available at a much lower price than the regular editions of the same books.

How much less expensive are Economy Editions?

This varies, but generally Economy Editions are roughly 60% to 70% of the price of the regular edition of the same book.

Why are they so much less expensive?

A large part of the price you pay for a regular book goes directly to the retailer (even if it's an online retailer). Also, the cost to purchase an ISBN and enter a book into the distribution system is considerable. Engine House Economy Editions have no ISBN and are not available from ordinary retailers, so we pass on these savings. Additionally, Economy Editions use a slightly lower quality of paper than the regular editions; they are also sized slightly differently and may use a slightly smaller typeface than the regular edition.

So what is the quality like?

Apart from the slightly less expensive grade of paper, the quality is the same as for our other books. In particular, we cut no corners with the typography, completely re-setting the text so as to match the slightly smaller form factor. These are nothing like the cheap mass-market paperbacks that often have blurry text on cheap paper with margins that change from page to page and are too narrow for comfortable reading.

Are these abridged editions?

No. Economy Editions contain the complete text of the standard edition of the same book.

What books are available in Economy Editions?

The current selection is available from the Economy Editions drop-down menu at the top of this page.

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